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We, the Motivate Publishing India Pvt Ltd, have great pleasure in announcing our Reference book Projects covering one hundred thousand non-resident Indians belonging to various linguistic/regional groups across the Gulf. To start with, we have the first ever Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis being published exclusively from outside India.

The Who’s Who of Gulf Malayalis will be a comprehensive reference document featuring the details of non-resident Keralites who landed up in alien lands searching for a means to a better existence. We, at the Excellence knew very well that they have only left their roots behind but not the legacy of their motherland, Kerala.

The Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis is conceived and executed by an Excellent team of experts led by
Mr.P Sukumaran of Malayalam Media who have successfully compiled comprehensive data regarding Keralites living in great Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune etc.

As the very name suggests ‘Malayalam Media’ is the official tongue of Keralites living outside Kerala. After publishing Mumbai Malayali Directory (1996), Pune Malayali Directory (2003), Bangalore Malayali Directory (2006) and Chennai Malayali Directory (2008), ‘Malayalam Media’ along with Motivate Publishing India Pvt Ltd, Dubai, is engaged in the preparation of “Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis ”.

Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis

Apart from being the First ever Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis published exclusively from outside India, the Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis is supposed to be the first of its kind that would hit the international book stalls all over the world where there is a Malayali.

As the world has grown beyond geographical boundaries in this digital era, Motivate Publishing India Pvt Ltd found it timely to compile an exclusive document of Malayalam speaking population settled across the Arabian Gulf. To facilitate a global reach for any Malayali, we have already launched our web portal which will be officially announced later with more details and input. (Welcome to www.malayali.directory)

This reference book would also be a glowing tribute to those who braved the waves and the scorching sun and immensely contributed to the development of the Gulf countries, while making a better living for themselves.

To accomplish this mission, Excellence seeks the co-operation and support of all Malayalis living across the world. To begin with, we will be compiling comprehensive profiles of about 2000 prominent Gulf Malayalis and data consisting of a hundred thousand Malayalis living in this region.

How the Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis is structured

The Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis is planned to be a ready reckoner of non-resident Malayalis, wherever they are. Data will be well arranged and laid out attractively to please the eyes of anyone who comes across the book. More than a reference book, “Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis ” would be an encyclopedia in which is having about 1000 pages. It will include biographies, photographs and other up-to-date details of all non resident Keralites in the gulf countries. One CD compiling the full content will also be given free of cost along with the book.

It would have a listing of all institutions, business houses, cultural houses, organizations, establishments and corporate houses also. Such listings would act as a what-is-what for any Malayali who land in the shores of the Gulf countries.

“Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis ” will emphasize the data of those personalities who made the Gulf their second home. The information will include authentic details, including photographs and contact address. Basically the reference book enlists the data of a typical Malayali, based on the location where he or she is working, occupation and period of stay in the Gulf etc.

Release of the “Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis ”

The Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis is proposed to be released in 2nd January 2020, 7pm at the Hotel Hycinth Trivandrum. The official publication and release of the “Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis ” will be nothing less than an event in the history of the Gulf and the thriving Non Resident Keralites existing there.

The grand function will be held before an august gathering. Several thousands of people will witness the historic moment of unwrapping the first hard copy of the Who’s Who Of Gulf Malayalis and the CD. Among them there would be Royal Dignitaries, Government Officials, Embassy Personnel and Very Important Personalities from all walks of life. They will patronize the mass function. Moreover, official representatives from Airlines, Resorts, Hotels, Business houses, Corporate houses and Travel houses that function in the Gulf and abroad will be attending the spectacular event.


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