Set on the banks of the Payaswini River, Kasargod has well preserved forts and other historic sites that have been witnesses to the region’s illustrious past. The district is resplendent with its lush greenery; thanks to the 12 rivers coursing through it. Kasargod is also known for its coir products, hides, and handloom. The streets are dotted with glitzy shops that are mostly owned by Malayalis who have worked for long in the Middle East, that sell electronic goods and perfumes, textiles, snacks and other provisions.

Lying on the northern most part of Kerala, Kasargod is a place that has several niceties to offer to the tourists. The enduring charm of its beach, the architectural wonder of the pilgrim centres and the unique folk art forms are some of the major attractions.

The forts and palaces here symbolize the conquests they withstood against the invaders. Chandragiri and Bekal Fort are two forts you cannot afford to miss. The various mosques and temples here are examples of fine architecture.

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