Three great rivers, the Pamba, the Achankovil and the Manimala, flowing through Pathanamthitta, lend the district, fertile soil, green canopies and a grandeur that must be seen to be believed. This land is also known for its elephants that roam free in the wilderness of the forests. The famous Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror) made of polished metal, is also an invention of this land.

Extensive rubber plantations, stretches of forests, rivers and rural landscapes make Pathanamthitta a real treat for the eye. Paddy, tapioca, a wide variety of vegetables, spices like cardamom, pepper etc. are extensively cultivated here.

Pathanamthitta is a combination of two words Pathanam and Thitta which mean an array of houses on the river side. This district was formed on 1st November 1982. Of the total area of 2642 sq. km. of this district, 1390.73 come under forests.

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